Which Wood is Best for Furniture

Furniture Wood

Real wood furniture has a class of its own and an old world charm that is hard to resist. Wood is also durable and furniture that is centuries old can often be found in old homes and castles. Wood is also resistant to scratches and gouges and its natural beauty lasts for ages.

There are many types of wood that can be used for furniture making. It is also available in a wide range of specific colours, hardness and grain and hence you can have wood furniture tailor made to your specifications. If you are thinking of having customised wood furniture for your home or office, you should know the varieties of wood available for this purpose and the inherent qualities of each of them.

The most used types of wood used in furniture making are maple, pine, cedar, oak and cherry wood.


Maple is a hard wood and hence ideal for most types of furniture. Bedroom furniture, large cabinets and dining tables are made of maple as it is known for its sturdiness, strength and durability. The unique swirly grain of maple makes it stand out from other hard wood choices for furniture. It is also moisture resistant and hence not prone to warping or distortions over time. Maple is commonly found in light hues but is very receptive to stains and paint.


Pine is the least expensive of wood that is used in furniture making. It also has a pale colour in its natural state and hence pine lumber furniture has to be given an extra coat of primer before it is painted. It is also very soft and is therefore not suitable for all types of furniture. It is perfectly suited for designs that have a lot of intricate carvings and patterns because it is easy to chisel soft pine wood. Pine furniture can be easily moved from place to place because it is very light. Being soft has its disadvantages too as it is more prone to dings and scratches than other hard wood varieties. If you are taking up trimming trees in your backward pine should give you no problems because of its soft properties.


Cedar is a comparatively soft wood and thus easy for crafting specific types of utilities. Furniture for outdoor spaces and decks are best made with cedar since it is extremely durable and resistant to rot and harsh weather fluctuations. Cedar has warm hues of red and brown and can easily take stains and paint.


Oak is usually the first choice of both furniture makers and buyers as it has a reputation for strength and beauty that has come down through the ages. It is a higher priced option for furniture because of its popularity and durability. Real oak wood furniture has a tint that depends on the type of wood harvested and ranges from pink, reddish to green. It can take stain and paint quite easily. Oak also has an open wood grain and thus effortlessly matches with other furniture in a room.

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is a typical hard wood. It is very durable and can resist rot and decay as well as stand up to scratches and dents for years. It is best for indoor furniture pieces. However, because of its density, strength and hardness cedar wood furniture is difficult to work on and manufacture. As its name suggests, cherry wood comes in red hues with highly visible grain.

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