Benefits of Recycled Furniture

Recycled Furniture

The world is plummeting towards a devastating situation where trees are being rampantly cut down, pollution is on the rise and global warming is leading to rising sea levels and floods. In a quest to arrest this situation various alternatives are being tried out especially in areas where the earth’s green cover can be preserved.

Two products that deserve special mention is manufacturing paper and furniture – both require huge consumption of wood though in the latter case new materials are being tried out. While nothing much can be done for paper, switching to recycled timber furniture where fresh wood is not required will go a long way to save the already fragile environment of the earth.

Here are a few benefits of recycled furniture.

  • Using recycled furniture lessens the need for fresh raw material -wood- thereby saving trees from being removed for this purpose. This has a cascading effect in various ways. It reduces pollution, global warming, and green house effect. Reduction in green cover causes acid rain and loss of rain forests has an adverse effect on plant and animal life.
  • When people dispose old furniture, not everything goes to the junk yard. Expert carpenters buy them and turn them into new designs and creations. With polish and a shine, it is often difficult to distinguish recycled furniture from spanking new ones. Hence both the sellers and buyers get benefit from it – sellers because they get some return from their old furniture and buyers because they get good recycled furniture at affordable prices.
  • Apart from having a direct impact on the environment, recycled furniture helps to save precious energy resources. Recycled furniture needs minimum of processing when compared to manufacturing new furniture. Heavy electricity consumption for sawing logs into desired shapes for making furniture can be reduced to a great extent. Further, since recycled furniture is already processed wood, manufacturing them is a much faster process.
  • Green is the uniform colour of the world today what with an increasing awareness of the common person to preserve earth’s precious resources and green cover. With Government and civil society focussing on “green” credentials and offering sops for delivering best sustainability practices, the demand for recycled furniture is on the increase. This type of furniture drastically helps to lessen carbon emissions, reduces landfill waste and lowers consumption of new resources which in the case of furniture is mostly wood.

While the attention of the world is generally on lumber furniture there is another side to recycled furniture and that is plastic furniture. Plastic, a non-biodegradable product is almost the singular most responsible material for choking up landfills and drains and gutters around the world. In fact this is one reason why many Governments have banned the use of plastic bottles and bags. When plastic recycled furniture is used half of this waste is brought back into circulation, reducing the negative impact on the environment.

What then are the benefits of recycled plastic furniture?

  • Recycled plastic furniture is very tough, durable and weather proof. Hence it is perfect for outdoor and street furniture and will last longer than conventional timber furniture.
  • Plastic recycled furniture is eco friendly and helps preserve natural resources. It also sends a message that you are concerned about preserving the earth’s eco-system.
  • Recycled plastic furniture is weatherproof and can withstand extreme fluctuations in climate. It is not affected by rain, snow and even high temperatures. Most importantly it is not affected by termites as in wood furniture and rust as in metals.
  • Recycled furniture can be created and moulded into a large variety of designs, patterns and colours. Classic designs are available that look like wood and wrought iron furniture. Hence, these can blend seamlessly into both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Recycled plastic furniture is extremely sturdy and safe and unlike timber furniture, there is no fear of cracking or slitting after years of constant use.

These are some of the benefits of using recycled furniture. But undoubtedly the most crucial of them is to ensure that the earth becomes eco friendly and is preserved well for generations to come.

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