About Us

Anybody who has been out furniture shopping knows how difficult it is to come to a decision. Hundreds of designs to choose from wood, wrought iron or fibreglass – the options are endless. We at Wiese Furniture Design are committed to make your task that much easier.

Wiese Furniture Design is a blog site dedicated to furniture design, not only the modern and the contemporary but also to the evolution of furniture design through the ages. To this end, we invite bloggers to contribute any news, information or trivia about furniture design, not necessarily technical aspects only but also interesting nuggets of personal experience that is related to this niche.

Here are a few ideas for those who wish to write in to us.

Share your knowledge with our readers about design possibilities with different materials. What types of furniture can be made with wood and how grain patterns are utilised to create great looking pieces? Wrought iron furniture is a symbol of exquisite tastes of the buyer. Tell us the manufacturing process of this type of furniture. Or what about modern moulded furniture made from fibreglass. These have caught on well even amongst the most discerning of furniture buyers. Write in about their availability and points to consider before buying them.

These are just examples bloggers can focus on. We do not have any restrictions on subject, apart from the fact that the piece must be related to the furniture niche only.